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SKU: CAR123456789008

NuLand's Carrot XHot is a simple and bright hot sauce. It's carrots are juiced right from the source...the carrot! The bright pop comes from freshly juiced lemons with a subtle hint of garlic and slightly counters the natural sweetness of the simple carrot. There are fewer seasonings, so there is zero distraction from the purity of taste and it agrees, never argues with your food.

~ The Hot Sauce Lady

Heat Rate: ~ 9/10






    Yes, Carrot is XHot, which means hotter, relative to the rest, while still TASTING THE FLAVOR. This will not challenge you to call 911, like some of the ones you see on tv, but warning - you may slap your mom after this one!!!! This is for you, if you like a significant feel of heat, a rise in adrenaline and some of the good sweats. All good.

    How does this pair? It goes with everything. It's a go-to, not so standard hot sauce. It can be benefited anywhere from that bowl of soup/chowder/chili, sandwiches & wraps, tacos/burritos/nachos and the beloved slice of pizza...or few.

    This NuLand Hot Sauce is Vegan & Gluten Free.


    You will absolutely send a replacement for any bottle that may (hopefully not) break in transit. To be credited with a replacement bottle, if it happens to break during the shipping process, please help us & take a picture of it ... The shipping carriers have required this for NuLand to be likewise credited. Thank you for being helpful, if this unsual event occurs -  but, be assured we will pack this well for you!!


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