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SKU: CRN123456789015

NuLand's Cranberry Hot Sauce is accompanied by habaneros for heat, with a hint of fresh rosemary that conveys so beautifully with your fall and winter foodie delights. Hint: Make fresh cranberries with the addition of this hot sauce and oven bake. Add those suckers to your next field green salad with some goat or blue cheese.  Chacuterie anyone?

~ The Hot Sauce Lady




    NuLand's Cranberry Hot Sauce has just a hint of fresh rosemary because a little goes a long way. This sweetened cranberry deserves a break from the norm with the savory note that rosemary brings, making it perfect for cold weather food.  

    This pairs so wonderful in the sweet savory realm - try it with a nice butternut squash dish with farro, little bits of kale, smoky charred chicken or woody mushrooms and fresh made cranberies (also baked down with this hot sauce).

    Charcuterie boards have become crazy popular - so the next time you entertain or are taking a dish as a guest, you will blow the socks of of everyone if this hot sauce is simply served as an accoutrement to soft cheeses and crackers. Build that goat cheese cracker with smoky cured meat and a drizzle of NuLand's Cran.

    NuLand's Cranberry Hot Sauce is Vegan and Gluten Free.


    You will absolutely send a replacement for any bottle that may (hopefully not) break in transit. To be credited with a replacement bottle, if it happens to break during the shipping process, please help us & take a picture of it ... The shipping carriers have required this for NuLand to be likewise credited. Thank you for being helpful, if this unsual event occurs -  but, be assured we will pack this well for you!!


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