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About me

Crystal Ballance

NuLand Hot Stuff Owner

Why Hot “Stuff?”  

While growing up in THE 757 NORFOLK, VA, I spent the weekends farming on my family’s  Certified Century Farm, in Pasquotank County, NC, an area referred to as Newland. The original family crop of soybeans, later became a variety of produce – now, including hot peppers that are used for  making delicious hot sauces. The inspiration for my Business name, NuLand Hot Stuff Company,  derived from a fun misspelling and a play on the name of the area in which the farm resides, as a  suggestion by my dad and I thought that was a cool idea. 

While “adulting,” I spent countless hours and years owning a dental laboratory and working  under a literal microscope all day and night to create ceramic smiles, I found myself slowly losing my  mind. As a self-described idea-generator and a person who loves to have fun, this was no bueno for the  outlook.  

In the infancy of The Dabble, I fell into a group of friends who were “dabbling” in Hot Sauce making, ultimately leading to being asked for a case of each of my first 4 flavors to be placed in a  restaurant. This was the first instance of how much “cooler a life” this would be, than making ceramic  teeth had been. After the epiphany that this was going to be an all-or-nothing Venture, I heard things  like, “I actually think you are not crazy.” (I think that means it was actually considered!)  

Full Circle? The “Stuff” in Hot Stuff Company means a lot of things ~ much more than Sauce. I have the opportunity to experience the Authentic Smiles (instead of ceramic smiles) that I give and  receive, surrounding the silly & fun nature of Hot Sauce….and Stuff. I enjoy providing Fun Varieties of Flavors, brought out by the peppers of my family farm, that you don’t see in Hot Sauce everyday;  hence, my coined-term “Farm-to-Flavour.” All in all, it’s all about the experience of enjoying the best  of people and if I can continue on this trajectory in life, placing a huge importance on enjoyment, I  think everything will be OK in the World of Hot Stuff. 

An Article in Ghent Living Magazine

NuLand Hot Stuff
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