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NuLand's Punkin' Spice Hot Sauce is Cray-Cray-crazy. When customers try this one, it often results in a giggle. It's because it is indeed what it claims to be.  This is a seasonal flavor and it'll be here when the people of P-Spice Land say-so (which seems earlier each September) and then gone like ripping treats away from a a hangry puppy, only to return like the famous McRib, each season.

~ The Hot Sauce Lady




    It tastes just like Pumpkin Spice and to make this happen, there must be a "carrier" for all of the ingredients to live in. One may think that would be pumpkin...but, noooooo.... NuLand uses the tastier sweet potato to carry the burdon of having to be pumpkin spice in September. (Because "they" roll it out earlier and earlier every year.)


    What in the world do you do with NuLand's Punkin' Spice Hot Sauce? Some r&d work was done here and here are the results are in: Add this to boof-up a butternut squash chili, Make a white chocolate ganache - interchanging punkin' spice for milk, Add to batter mix to make p-spice waffles ('n chicken), pancakes & cupcakes. Guess what?! It makes a really cool sweet version of a hummus for dipping apples!


    NuLand's Punkin' Spice is Vegan & Gluten Free.


    You will absolutely send a replacement for any bottle that may (hopefully not) break in transit. To be credited with a replacement bottle, if it happens to break during the shipping process, please help us & take a picture of it ... The shipping carriers have required this for NuLand to be likewise credited. Thank you for being helpful, if this unsual event occurs -  but, be assured we will pack this well for you!!


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